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I am dedicating this blog to Troy Davis who was eliminated yesterday, but, no one is really sure why. Perhaps this will help my readers to understand, and if they care about their own lives, stop pretending to be sheep and do something about this.



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Women in Politics or How Far Have We Fallen?

How ironic that while I was debating about what my first endeavor into this group would be, I noticed an ad which mentioned Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin and I instantly knew what my fingers were going to fly about. I am a senior citizen and a widow, who raised so many boys that I don’t always remember which were biologically mine and which we had adopted but it never mattered because they were all mine. I was married to John Kopy, a man who I lived with, loved, liked and admired for…


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Dear Mr. Republican

Dr. Mr. Republican:

I would like to introduce myself, not by my name, but by my qualifications to make you understand why I, as an American woman, have plenty of reason to resent the total hatred and disdain, as well as the lack of caring, knowledge or empathy that you and your party members, as well as that of your big business puppet masters have for the citizens of the United States.

I am a 65-year-old widow, but I was widowed at 62, my husband and best friend of 40 years was…


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This is the story of the lives of two families who struggle with diseases associated with Agent Orange.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S military sprayed some 12 million gallons of the Agent Orange defoliant over Vietnam. Now, almost four decades later, the toxic herbicide continues to have a devastating effect on thousands of Vietnamese people. Passed down genetically, Agent Orange has caused various diseases and deformities in three generations of Vietnamese families. As an American, I feel a responsibility to expose this horrifying problem, and to help bring about real change. Through…


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Our first donation - thanks to Chapter President Suel Jones!

Seeing the statue jogged loose a memory from his time as a young Marine in the country, an experience he still wrestles with. He remembered a day 40 years earlier when he and other Marines had arrived at a small village called Cam Lo.

"There was this little temple there," he said, "blown all to hell."

In the ruins of…


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Speak Peace: American Voices Respond to Vietnamese Children’s Paintings


Currently at the U of A Poetry Center
September 17: Owl and Panther Project/Speak Peace Reading from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Participants from the Hopi Foundation’s Owl and Panther Project recite original work on themes of war and peace in response to Speak…

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Landmines and Cluster Bombs: "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Slow Motion"



"Mines cannot distinguish between the footfall of a soldier and that of a child. Mines recognize no cease-fire; long after the fighting has stopped, they can maim or kill the children or grandchildren of the soldiers who laid them."

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Why You Won’t See Veterans For Peace on the Cover of TIME Magazine



The cover of the August 29, 2011 issue of TIME magazine features five members of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), with the caption “The…


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