Hòa Bình Việt Nam

Chapter 160, The Việt Nam Chapter of the Veterans For Peace

    The only overseas chapter of Veterans For Peace is the Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160 of VFP in Viet Nam.  Most of the 23 members are Viet Nam War veterans living full or part time in-country, some are vets who visit Viet Nam occasionally, & a few are auxiliary members.  They are inviting up to10 vets (minimum 5) to come as a group next Spring, 2012, & are asking each vet to bring $1,000 as a donation to VFP Chapter 160 projects, or other projects run by US vets, or for activities conducted in conjunction with Viet Namese organizations – mostly for AO (Agent Orange) victims & for mine action projects (clearing unexploded ordinance - UXO).     
     Participants will pay for their own airfare & in-country expenses (all-inclusive, to be determined), in addition to the $1,000 donation.
    The group will fly into Ha Noi & be met by Suel Jones, president of the Hoa Binh Chapter, who will organize, coordinate & lead the group in conjunction with Ha Noi-based vet Chuck Searcy (both speak enough Viet Namese to “entertain local residents,” they say).  Suel has lived in VN for half of every year since 1998 & aids victims of AO.  Chuck has lived full time in VN since 1995, currently working with Project RENEW, a non-profit mine action organization clearing ordnance in Quang Tri Province & helping victim families.
    “We don’t care how you raise the $1,000,” writes Suel.  “The visit would be positively received by the Viet Namese & the media, particularly during the 37th anniversary of the April 30, 1975 end of the war, & you’ll learn more about Agent Orange and UXOs – as well as many other issues, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the country.” 
See: The public Blog of: Hoa Binh Viet Nam, Chapter 160 of Veterans For Peace
DURATION: 2 weeks; DATES: April 17 to May 1, 2012; COST: approx. $1,500 int’l airfare, and approx. $2,000 in Viet Nam (all inclusive) + $1,000 Donation.
Trip highlights: one-of-a-kind meetings with Viet Namese individuals & organiza-tions, encounters with Vietnam vets, returns to old battle sites and war relics with an emphasis on understanding, healing, & reconciliation.  Visit the Citadel in Hue, China Beach, the Presidential Palace in Ho Chi Minh City & much more.
US Contact is:  Nadya Williams, Active Associate Member of San Francisco VFP Ch. 69 and member of the national board of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign  www.vn-agentorange.org  E-mail: nadyanomad@gmail.com
Tele - Home: (415) 362-0162; Mobile: (415) 845-9492

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Chuck, can we post the latest trip itinerary as it now stands?  It would be a handy reference for anyone who wants to check current status.  We could also add last minute changes as they are decided or include additional details as useful. 

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